Hikers leave people cringing after accidentally ‘ruining’ couple’s public proposal

The public proposal racked up thousands of views on TikTok, but people were left open-mouthed after two keen hikers accidentally walked into the background of the sweet stunt

It’s the sort of gesture that would not be out of place in a rom-com – a picture-perfect proposal by a beautiful lake.

Even if your heart has been hardened into a lump of coal, you can’t knock a sweet engagement announcement.

In the golden age of social media, we can have them delivered to our phones from all over the world – including this couple’s announcement that went viral.

Naturally, the special moment was caught on camera – but people were left divided by the awkward actions of people standing near the couple.

In the viral video, which was shared by TikTok user Michaela, she joked: “Why the dude in the back got to make it awkward,” with a crying laughing emoji.

In it, the woman can be seen looking at the view in Emerald Bay in Tahoe, California, before turning around to find her partner on one knee. Surprise!

As she lifts up her sunglasses and covers her mouth in shock, a hiker walks behind her, as he goes to look at the view.

A woman follows him, grinning at the couple, as he points at something, before realising she’s in their shot and hurrying backwards.

The man seems to then realise that he’s also in the shot and scurries back out of the frame while the couple lovingly embrace.

The clip left people divided, as one asked: “Do people have absolutely no sense?”, while another wrote: “They ruined the shot…”

But another defended the blunder, writing: “I don’t think he realised it and when he did, he didn’t know how to escape.”

Another added: “These are public spaces. If he wanted a private moment, there are miles of trails he could have made that happen with more beautiful spots.”

“And this is why you don’t do public proposals,” commented one viewer.

“Hahaha, that’s so funny, he didn’t know what to do. At least you will look back on this video in years to come and laugh about it. Congratulations,” wrote another.

Another optimist added: “Don’t mind the people in the back, it will be a story to tell your grandkids one day. Lesson: life can throw you a curveball.”

“They didn’t ruin anything, the couple was so into their moment,” agreed another.